It is a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises.


Bruce Wayne/Batman-He is the protagonist.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing-He is Batman's sidekick.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl-She is Batman's female sidekick.

Alfred Pennyworth-He is Batman's butler.

Red Hood-He is an antihero who teamed up with the three heroes.

Other Characters

Martha Wayne,Thomas Wayne,Dick's Parents,James Gordon,Lucius Fox,Aaron Cash,Jeremiah Arkham Jr.


Joe Chill,Joker,Harley Quinn,Riddler,Two-Face,Penguin,Catwoman,Mr. Freeze,Firefly,Poison Ivy,Bane


Young Bruce Wayne was walking with his mother and father.Then,Joe Chill came in front of them.He aimed his gun at them,but Bruce Wayne's father fought with him.But,he got shot by Chill,then Bruce Wayne ran away.Now,Joe Chill shot Bruce Wayne's mother.In present day...Batman,Robin,and Batgirl are chasing Red Hood.