Season 1

Episode 1: The Fall of The Blue Beetle (Part 1)

Teaser:Batman and Red Tornado stopped Fun Haus and his army of Robot Santas.

Main Plot:After stopping Punch and Jewelee in a bank robbery,Batman and Blue Beetle saw Kanjar Ro and his army of Space Pirates on top of the bank.Later,Kanjar Ro and the Space Pirates successfully captured Batman and Blue Beetle after a long fight.Then,he brings the two to his lair.

Episode 2: The Rise of The Blue Beetle (Part 2)

Teaser:Flashbacks from episode 1 are seen.

Main Plot:Batman and Blue Beetle fought and defeated the Space Pirates in Kanjar Ro's lair.Then,the two fought and defeated Kanjar Ro.Now,the two had escaped from his lair after that long fight.

Episode 3: The Great King of Clocks

Teaser:Batman and Plastic Man stopped the Sportsmaster and Sportsmaster's Henchmen in robbing the prize in a bowling alley.

Main Plot:After Batman and Green Arrow thwarted Joker and Harley Quinn's kidnapping,they faced the Clock King and his army of Clockheaded Robots in his lair.

Episode 4:Conqueror of Green Lantern's Planet

Teaser:Batman and Huntress stopped Penguin and Penguin's Henchmen in attacking the White House.

Main Plot:After Batman and Green Lantern stopped Javelin and Javelin's Henchmen,Guy Gardner informed Green Lantern that their planet has been conquered by Despero and his Humanoid Henchmen.

Episode 5:Roulette

Teaser:Batman and Flash fought Gorilla Grodd,Captain Boomerang,Mirror Master,Heat Wave,Captain Cold,Weather Wizard,and Profesor Zoom.

Main Plot:Batman,Wildcat,and Black Canary are forced to fight Mr. Freeze,Firefly,Clayface,Man-Bat,Crazy Quilt,Killer Croc,Ragdoll,Black Manta,Kanjar Ro,Bane,Atomic Skull,Gorilla Grodd,Blockbuster,and Mongul in a wrestling match ran by Roulette.

Episode 6:Triumph Against the Legion of Doom

Teaser:Batman and Atom fought Bug-Eyed Bandit and his Bug Henchmen while in microscopic size.

Main Plot:Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Flash,Hawkgirl,and Fire stopped the Legion of Doom,composed of Lex Luthor,Joker,Cheetah,Gorilla Grodd,Shadow Thief,and Copperhead.

Episode 7:Mastermind of Getaways

Teaser:Batman and Booster Gold stopped a crime made by Sweet Tooth,King Cobra,Calendar Man,and The Brand.

Main Plot:Batman and Martian Manhunter stopped Getaway Mastermind,Captain Cold,Clock King,Electric Man,Puppet Master,and Professor Menace.

Episode 8:Clues to Riddles of Riddler

Teaser:Batman and B'wana Beast fought Catwoman and her Cat Henchmen in a forest.

Main Plot:After stopping Babyface's Henchmen and Babyface in a bank heist,Batman and Zatanna found out that Riddler has kidnapped Zatanna's parents on a phone call with Batman.So they must fight Riddler's Henchmen and Riddler himself,before it's too late!

Episode 9:Batman and Red Tornado

Teaser:Batman and Aquaman stopped Black Manta in stealing an expensive car.

Main Plot:After Batman and Red Tornado stopped Punch and Jewelee's bank robbery,the next day,they found out that Top and his army of Topheaded Robots had been causing the tornado and not Red Tornado.

Episode 10:The Assembling of Sidekicks

Teaser:Batman shows the large gathering of sidekicks to the Justice League International.

Main Plot:Superboy,Supergirl,Robin,Batgirl,Wonder Girl,Kid Flash,Kilowog,Aqualad,and Speedy are sent on a special mission in stopping Taskforce X,Ubu,Ra's al Ghul,and Talia al Ghul.

Episode 11:The Terrible Trio

Teaser:Batman fought Joker,Two-Face,and Gentleman Ghost.

Main Plot:Batman and Bronze Tiger must stop the Terrible Trio in wreaking havoc in China.